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This committee is responsible for the back-to-school teacher breakfast which happens the week before school starts, snacks/lunch for staff on half days, and staff appreciation week in the month of May. This Committee also includes a liason to the Sunshine Committee at school providing a birthday treat for each staff member on a monthly basis. This is a year-long commitment with events usually happening monthly. You will ask for donations for the breakfast and the snacks and have a budget for teacher appreciation week. This is a 3-4 person committee.


This committee is responsible for the school courtyard outside of the cafeteria and the planters in the front of the school. This is a 1-2 person committee.


This committee is in charge of collecting Box Tops, trimming them if necessary, counting, and mailing them. There is also a bulletin board in the front lobby that will need to be updated monthly. This committee is also responsible for promoting the Box Tops to the school with friendly competitions or monthly challenges. This is a year-long commitment that can mostly be done from home. This is a 2-3 person committee.


New this year! This committee will determine interest from parents and students and coordinate new before/after school clubs at Winterpock. Running Club will now be under this committee. Chess Club? Coding? Art Club? Lego Club?? This committee will start planning in Fall with a goal of starting clubs in Winter or Spring. This is a 3-5 person Committee


This committee supports our Corresponding Secretary by helping with PTA communication channels. These committee members moderate the Winterpock Parent Chat page by keeping communication within the rules and bubbling up questions to get answers. Once questions are answered, they get added to the PTA website's FAQs to help parents get answers quickly. This is a 2-3 person committee that can be operated from home.


This committee is responsible for our community service activities that benefit our underprivileged schools in Chesterfield County. There is typically a school supply drive in September, a winter gear drive in November, and a food drive in December. The committee will coordinate these drives and work with the Community in Schools (CIS) Coordinator at the designated school to schedule pick ups and deliveries. This is a 1-2 person committee.


This committee is responsible for the Grandparents Breakfast, Donuts for Dads & Donuts for Moms. These events take place in November, May, and June, each over a 4-day period. The committee will make flyers, promote it to the school community, secure the necessary food/drink items, and coordinate the volunteers to serve. This a 2-3 person committee.


This committee is will work directly with the VP of Membership to recruit new members and maintain membership databases. Committee members will work alongside Welcome Wagon at Open Houses and to ensure membership forms are available for new students.  This a 2-3 person committee. 


This Committee is responsible for finding the most qualified persons for the Executive Board (elected officers) and reporting the slate of nominees to the general membership. This committee is elected in February by the general membership. This is a February-April commitment and a 3 person committee.


This committee is responsible for the National PTA Reflections Art Program which takes place in the Fall and concludes in the Winter. The committee promotes this event with a flyer, organizes the collection of the entries, finds judges for the different categories, holds a receptions for participants, and delivers the winning entries to the Chesterfield County Council PTA. This is a 2-3 person committee.


Running Club will fall under the Club Committee Chair. However since this club is established and requires multiple hands, a team needs to be formed. This committee is responsible for setting up and organizing the before school running club for six weeks in the Spring. This committee will produce a e-flyer to be emailed to parent, collect payments and purchase t-shirts for participants. The committee will need to solicit adult volunteers to be at the school to oversee the club each week for 6 weeks. The committee will also oversee the calculation of mileage for each participant between sessions. This is a 2-3 person committee.


This committee is responsible for working with a vendor, choosing merchandise offerings, collecting and tallying merchandise orders, tracking orders, and distributing merchandise. This is a year-long commitment that starts in August and can mostly be done from home - outside of the requirement that you must attend all Back to School Nights and the Holiday Shop to setup and manage a merchandise table. This is a 2-3 person committee.


This committee is responsible for welcoming our new families throughout the year to Winterpock by providing resources and useful information.  This is done by distributing packets to our new families. This committee is also responsible for setting up a PTA table at  Kindergarten Registration in mid April and overseeing tours for our future students/families.  This is a year-long commitment that can mostly be done from home and is a 1-3 person committee. 


This committee will work with WPES  Winterpock Way committee to bring the quartly school positive paw rewards to the students. This committee will act as a liaison between the Winterpock Way committee and the PTA in regards to budget and what involvement is needed from the PTA. This is a 1-2 person committee.


Benefits of volunteering for this program include being able to see your kids learn in class, play at recess and eat with them at lunch, plus assist the staff with anything from physical education to helping out in the library, while adding additional adult presence in order to increase security and safety for our children and the staff. This committee will be responsible for the oversight of volunteers and recruitment. This is a 2-3 person committee.


This committee is responsible for taking photos, creating the yearbook from cover to cover (done electronically), and helping to generate sales through marketing the yearbook. At the end of the school year, the committee is responsible for checking with the county approved vendors to make sure we will be getting the best price for the next school year and reporting this information to the board. This is a year-long commitment and a 6-8 person committee with representation from each grade level.

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